Ami Inoi


She started playing the guitar at the age of 4.
She was studying from her father, Nobuyuki Inoi.

She also started studying piano, and she started solfege from Keiko Katsuma from 6 years old.
She has received a master class from the following people so far:
Tomonori Arai, Shinichi Fukuda, T. Mueller Pelling, M. Dylla, Shinichi Iwasaki, Ohagi Yasuji, Park Kyuhee, A. Pierri (in order of attendance)

In 2011, she appeared in NHK-FM “Masterpiece Performances.”

Between 2012 and 2016, she learned at Osaka University School of Music under Keigo Fujii and Shinichi Fukuda.

In May 2015, wh released our debut album “Black Star” from Fontech.

She appeared in NHK-FM “Recital NOVA” in 2016.
In March of the same year, she graduated from Osaka University and received the award for best.

In January 2017, she released a second album “Moonlight” from Fontec.

Currently, she is studying with Mr. Shoji Masuda.

Also, she is taking lessons for students.




Received the lower grade category of the 25th student guitar contest.

The 23rd Junior Guitar Competition winner.

The 29th Guitar Music Grand Prize Junior division champion.

Duet & Ensemble’s 29th guitar music award champion.

The 35th Guitar · Music · Grand Prix Grand Prix (No. 1), the Osaka Governor · Cup Award

The 2nd Taiwan International Guitar Competition No. 3.